The last step of the productive process is the coding and packaging of materials, aspect that we care with great attention, in order to protect them from possible damages in the following phase: the forwarding.

For the safe packaging of our products we use a system made by a double box, studied on purpose. First of all the product is introduced in a little strong box with double wave, which then will be inserted in a strong box with triple wave. The obtained package can be safely forwarded.

Each packet is then labelled with unequivocal identification codes and prepared for forwarding.

The cooperation with the most reliable carriers allows us to forward in Italy in only 24 hours (48 hours for isles and uncomfortable zones) and all around Europe in 3 or 4 days (up to 6/7 days for isles and uncomfortable zones).

Once the packets have been delivered to the carrier, using the online tracking services, the forwarding is continuously monitored up to the deliver to the customer.


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