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CD STAR produces optical media customized for every requirement. Each medium, CD, DVD, mini-CD or mini-DVD, according to the copies that have to be produced, can be duplicated (burnt) or replicated (glass master). The disc’s label is customized by printing directly on the medium’s surface and can be done with silkscreen or offset printing or with thermal transfer.

Such media can be supplied with high quality printings and a wide choice of packaging, from the cheap cover to the classic Jewel box or DVD box, up to the modern digifile, digipack and dvdpack. And this isn’t enough, we can realize special packaging by request of the customer!

Media and printings parts are introduced in standard packets like jewel box, slim box, DVD box on completely automatic lines, able to assemble the components and return a finished product, comprehensive of the S.I.A.E. stamp and cellophane covering, ready to be packed and forwarded.


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